Your software will automatically check for updates at the startup of the application by default, providing you have internet access on your machine. If you are unsure, you can go to the Help tab in iC3D and Check for updates.

A message will appear either telling you that the software is up to date or if an update is available, a message will invite you to download and install the update. The update will not be downloaded or updated until you close the application.

*NOTE:  The auto-updater will only inform you about interim  software updates NOT major new software upgrades.

Remember, each new major software upgrade  number i.e. iC3D v3 or iC3D v4, or iC3D v5, requires a separate download as a security precaution.

Provided you have a valid SMA (Software maintenance Agreement), you will already have received an email with a link giving you the new release download instructions.
If not, please contact and they will check to see if you have a valid SMA in place and then issue you with the updated link.